The Mikado

In the town of Titipu flirting has been made illegal. The penalty is death.

Too bad then that the main culprit is the Lord High Executioner Ko-Ko, who wishes to marry his beautiful young ward Yum-Yum, and who has no intention of executing himself. 


So when Nanki-Pu, a wandering minstrel, decides to end it all because his own love for Yum-Yum is doomed, Ko-Ko has the perfect candidate for execution. Except that Yum-Yum, by tradition, would have to be executed with Nanki-Pu.


And Nanki-Pu turns out to be the Mikado's own son. And the Mikado himself is about to arrive on a state visit to Titipu.

To learn what happens you will have to come along to the evening......

The Performers


Illyria tours top quality open-air theatre to the most prestigious and stunning locations throughout the UK and beyond. The name Illyria is synonymous with excellence.


They have won 4 international "Best Performance" awards and attracted numerous "5-star" and "Critics' Choice" reviews for the lively clarity of its to Shakespeare's plays, the high quality of its shows for Families and the refreshing originality of its adaptations of English classics.


In 2011 Illyria raised the bar for the major UK open-air touring theatre companies by becoming the first and only one to add Opera to its regular season.

Illyria touring theatre